Math comic by Kyla Stengle
Updated: 5/18/2020
Math comic by Kyla Stengle

Storyboard Text

  • Man that was a great Burger.
  • Yeah it was, here comes the waitress with our check.
  • How are we going to split $60 between 4 people?
  • Jerry's Diner4 burgers $434 soft drinks$10sales tax $7total:$60
  • Well let's set up an equation
  • the equation would be 4p-7=52
  • 4p-7=53 +7 +74p=60
  • yes, so the first thing you do is add 7 to both sides like this...
  • Now our equation is 4p=60
  • 4p-7=53 +7 +74p=60/4 /4p=15
  • Right, so the next thing you do is divide both sides by 4 like this...
  • So we all have to pay $15 for our burger.