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Updated: 12/1/2020
Fin Lit Comic Strip

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The Three Facts I Chose 1. I talked about making yourself aware of interest rates and any fees that may apply to a card before you get one. 2. I talked about how to always make payments on time to avoid late payment fees along with your existing interest rates and how this can affect your credit score. 3. I explained what a credit score is and an example of one.

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Sam, can I ask you a question?
  • Yeah of course Josh what's up
  • I've been thinking about getting a credit card since I'm of age and don't need a cosigner, do you have any tips?
  • Yes I do, when getting a credit card always make sure to look at the interest rate, monthly payment and potential fees to see which card is the best for you
  • I'll definitely keep that in mind, thank you.
  • 2nd, always make sure you pay your dues on time because if you don't, you'll have to pay a lay payment fee along with the interest rate on the card
  • Can you remind me what a credit score is again?
  • Your payment history on this card can also lower or raise your credit score which will affect your reliability and chances of getting a loan
  • This is a credit score. A credit score is a number that shows the risk a lender takes when you borrow money. The numbers usually range from 300-850.
  • 745
  • Wow thank you so much for the help! I'll see you later Sam
  • Of course no problem. See you!
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