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Updated: 2/12/2021
Ela Story Board

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  • you seem very quiet tonight, Philip. want some more gravy?
  • dinner
  • i got enough.
  • ill have some. What did you decide to do about the track team?
  • Philip, your father asked you something.
  • I asked you a question. You still not going out for track?
  • what?
  • Philip, is something the matter?
  • Im not on the team
  • i know thats what you said. But i like to know why. Something must be the matter.
  • Phil, dont talk with you mouth full
  • Phil wasnt seeming ok at dinner. so his mom was trying to make him feel better.
  • Have i ever missed one of your meets?ever? This bot is the best runner in town makes me feel proud.
  • ben, we know that. what were you going to say Phil?
  • phil wasnt answering his dad so his mom told him to. He was acting confused.
  • phil is not on the team. and his dad wants to know why.
  • his dad is very proud. And his mom and Phil already knew that.
  • what would you say...
  • phil tells the "truth".
  • what would you say if a teacher said i wasnt allowed to sing "the star-spangled banner"
  • what?
  • confusion in the house. To be continued...
  • in class
  • Anywhere
  • Singing "The Star-Spangled banner