Freud Concept
Updated: 2/21/2021
Freud Concept

Storyboard Text

  • Oh, no! I forgot about the soccer practice today! Now, I'm late. What should I do?
  • I should skip today practice and lie to my coach that I am sick so, I will not get punish.
  • I can avoid embarrassment from getting punish by the coach
  • ID
  • I can be responsible to my mistake and go to practice in order to improve myself as an athlete.
  • I should go to practice and be honest about my mistake of coming late.
  • EGO
  • I made my final decision. I should go to practice and tell my coach about my tardiness.
  • Besides, it is not fair that other athletes have to practice while I'm relaxing. In addition, I can improve my skill by practicing.
  • Coach, I'm sorry that I came late to the practice. It is my mistake and I will take responsibility for it!
  • Yes, Rayyan. It is true that you make a mistake today and I can see that you are sorry for it. Since you are honest and brave to admit it, I let this go. But, next time, you will be punish if you are late again! Go ahead and practice.
  • In the end, Rayyan became a successful athlete because he never miss a practice. He also chosen by his coach to be a captain because he is a responsible person