Mil Storyboard
Updated: 12/1/2020
Mil Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1 (A couple and the Main Character outside of the restaurant)
  • Sorry this relationship will never work.
  • Scene 2 (The MC is on his knees crying(same setting))
  • Scene 3(Fast forward event, Mc in home in bed)
  • Wide shot is used to let the viewers see on what's happening. The Main character is surprised on his girlfriend breakup
  • Scene 4(MC crossing the road wirh another pedestrian)
  • Camera shot used is medium wide shot in this frame.The MC is crying of sadness on what he heard from his ex girlfriend.
  • Scene 5 ( con. of scene 4 but with movement)
  • Thank you good man, I noticed your dull in this fine morning. please don't be sad we need more men like you in this world.
  • A fast forward event where a close up shot of the MC lying down in his bed thinking about the event of Scene 1
  • Scene 6 (Mc in the same city after helping the old woman)
  • Camera shots/angle used are Wide shot and Full shot angle. Takes place in the City where the mc meets a disabled old woman
  • Camera shot and angle used were the same as in Scene 4 but the mc is helping the old woman cross the road then the old woman thanks and tells the mc something.
  • Close up shot used capturing the realization and the emotions of the mc after Scene 5