rain drop
Updated: 11/7/2018
rain drop
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  • Today I will talk about the water cycle.Since there is no start I will start with evaporation
  • I'm evaporating
  • Evaporation is when water turns into water vapor and goes into the atmosphere.
  • That's a cool fact!
  • Next is condensation witch is where vapor gets cooled and is changing into water.
  • Next is precipitation witch is where rain,snow or sleet falls from the atmosphere.
  • Then this is run off witch is water that is not absorbed by the ground finds its way to a body of water. witch is the hydrosphere(all water on earth)
  • This is precipitation witch is where water got soaked up in the soil and got on to the biosphere(all living things on earth) or the lithosphere(all rock on earth) and gets into the plants and evaporates form the plant.
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