Project 3
Updated: 3/3/2021
Project 3

Storyboard Text

  • one day, in Indiana in the year 1803, there was a rich family who adopted 2 kids one named anna and jack They also had 3 kids on their own Alex, Emily and Ashley.
  • a couple of days later. the adopted parent’s Melissa and Michael would make anna and jack do everything for them clean, cook, washcloths, and always yelled at them
  • one day anna came up with a plan for her and jack to run away she remembers reading a book about gold and where to find some at so she went to jack and explained to him about her plan for them to go find gold to get their own house won’t have to deal with their adopted parents again.
  • The next morning Anna and jack left for school on their way out they decided to go ahead and go find the gold they went through the woods and found an old cave it was very hidden anna told jack the gold was in the cave they both lights to see they walled all the way to the end of the cage and seen something shinning anna with excitement yelled ‘‘gold’’!
  • her and jack started to dig out the gold then when they had enough they walked out the cave to buy but on their way out the woods jack seen an old house empty and alone
  • they went to look around and decided to live in the house and use the gold to fix it up and that’s what they did anna and jack were able to live happily ever after and not deal with their evil parents again.