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Updated: 9/30/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Brian is a high school student who stays online for 8 hours everyday with his friends playing an MMORPG and watches videos until 1 AM when his friends get off.
  • Brian's Mom has tried to get him to go outside, but he kept shrugging her off and ignoring his chores.
  • Oh man... another F?
  • F
  • Oh well...doesn't really matter.
  • One night he just couldn't take it any longer, he decided to talk to his friends about how to feel better. One of them said to take a week off and Brian took that advice to rethink his situation.
  • I don't like this idea, but if it makes me feel better...
  • Dude I don't even feel like getting out of bed.
  • C'mon, just take a week off man, I promise you'll be fine
  • One Week Later...
  • With Brian's brain well rested and off of his screen for a while, he has become more active than usual because he split his time up effectively to do more in the daytime. He does his chores, homework, takes a break to walk outside and refresh, and spends more time with his family. Brian hasn't completely abandoned the internet though, but he has cut his time online to 2 hours and has felt more productive and confident because of his new schedule.
  • A+
  • Brian always tells everyone he is doing fine, but he never did well in school and ignores his schoolwork. His mental state also decreased every week because ofcontinuous screen time, causing him to feel less and less like himself.