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Updated: 4/20/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Alexander II realized that Russia was not capable of fighting against Britain, France, and the Ottoman Turks. This war was the first event that made Russia realize that it was not strong as it once was; as a result, the Tsar realized that reform had to occur in order for Russia to keep up with the other nations.
  • I, Tsar Alexander II, am decreeing that all soldiers return from the Crimean War. This is a battle we will not win today.
  • Today I have signed the Emancipation Manifesto, let this be the first of many steps towards reform.
  • In 1861, Alexander II signs the Emancipation Manifesto, freeing all the serfs and allowing them to gain full rights. However, these new peasants were still tied to the really expensive land, resulting in high debts and a weakened economy.Despite his efforts, Russians were still not happy with the reforms and wanted more. They wanted to have free land, property, and will that everyone could afford, not just the wealthy nobles
  • We want more rights! The Tsar should know we have a voice and we want to be heard!
  • When Vladimir Lenin starts the Socialist Workers Party in St. Petersburg in 1893, Russia takes its first step into becoming a communist country. While Tsar Alexander III is in power, the workers and presents of Russia are being introduced to and agreeing to Marxist and Communist ideas. This party becomes the first step that allows Lenin to organize revolts later on.
  • I, Vladimir Lenin hear your cries. Together ,in the Socialist Workers Party, we shall get our voices heard.
  • During WW1, Russia started to fight with Austria over Siberia. Over the course of the war, about 8 million Russian soldiers would be injured or killed. With a weakened economy and many soldiers being harmed, Russians were very dissatisfied with the Tsar. This became a crucial point because Russians realized that the Tsar was not capable of leading the country and agreed with Lenin's ideas.
  • In 1917, with a failing economy, food shortages, and a increase in bread lines, all support for the Tsar disappeared. At this point, everyone was agreeing with the socialist ideas and the Duma took action. This legislative council makes the Tsar sign an ultimatum that ends the monarchy and Romanov reign. However, his transition of power would still face some turmoil since the court was not very effective in maintaining order or power during times of struggle.
  • Due to unfortunate circumstances, I will be stepping down and ending the Romanov dynasty in Russia.
  • After the Duma had control, the Bolshevikparty staged a coup to over throw the provincial government. This makeshift government was incapable of taking Russia out of the war, allowing for a more radical group to take over. The Bolshevik revolution, led by Lenin, pushed Russia to become socialist and induced a socialist revolution. Once in power, this group built the economy and encouraged social mobility, and finally renamed the nation as the USSR.
  • We are the Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, and we are taking over the Duma. We will now lead Russia!
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