The Snowpocalypse

Updated: 9/30/2021
The Snowpocalypse

Storyboard Text

  • At least a couple of hours if not more.
  • I want my tablet!
  • I asked my parents what the estimated time was for the power to return.
  • The next day the power was still out, and we all started to feel the strain of life without everyday luxuries.
  • I went back to check on the tank and the temperature had dropped from 70 to 50 degrees. Leading me to believe I would lose all of the livestock in the tank.
  • Six days later we regained power.
  • The fish tank had only lost one-fourth of its livestock after six days without power.
  • At the end of those six days, my family and I realized how grateful we should be for what we have after experiencing life without luxuries.