Planet Project
Updated: 11/18/2020
Planet Project

Storyboard Text

  • Box 1
  • Look, there's Venus
  • Box 2
  • This is Venus
  • Box 3
  • Venus is the red line
  • My planet name is Venus and my name is Maya George.
  • Box 4
  • Venus was discovered in 1581 BC by Pythagoras. 
  • Box 5
  • Venus is a inner planet. Mercury and Earth are it's neighbors.
  • Box 6
  • The goddess of beauty
  • Venus has no moons or rings. The planet is a little bigger than Earth. It is 12,100 km in diameter.
  • Venus is made of iron and it's atmosphere is gas.
  • Fun fact 1: When you look at Venus in the sky it has phases. Fun fact 2: Venus is named after the Greek goddess of beauty.