Ch.13-21 HERRIG
Updated: 5/9/2020
Ch.13-21 HERRIG

Storyboard Text

  • ch.12:the first bomb
  • ch.13: second bomb
  • ch 16: third bomb
  • This is when Theo and Doug ran into the kitchen and Mrs. Theodorakis ran out. She thought she had blood on her but it was just ketchup, it was on her dress her hair and her apron.They called the fire department.
  • Ch.21: the second map
  • There is a striped candle and at six thirty it would burn down to a fuse, whoever was working there wouldn't get hurt because they would be at the other end of the room.
  • When the bride had started and almost finished opening the present or opening the box bombs came. Everyone was screaming and everyone went on the ground then whens the bombing was done the bride had blood on her cheek and had burned hands.
  • The fourth bomb was placed in the elevator,turtle was the one who set the bomb and did it to protect the real bomber, Angela.Turtle also lost her braid.