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Updated: 9/3/2021
Unknown Story

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  • HEy I Missed YOU1
  • I didn't trust him he was one of those bad boys who always has an timidaning grin.
  • Jacob this is my sister Amber.  She is a garde below me
  • Hey Amber! LOOk KAt we gotta go remember.
  • I should say YES??
  • We are going to a tenth grade hang out. Our pathetic teachers wont know because the nerds are covering for us.  IT is just Algebra, Geometry and Math and PE and Art and PHysics. YOu could come. I ALSO HEARD NINEth GRADERS GET A BREAK DURING THE TIME OF OUR HANG OUT> YOU SHOULD COME!! at this rate you wont miss any class.ess
  • THen lets party!!
  • THere is a bunch OF People!
  • Even ninth graders came now you make friends. BYEE I´ll be there.
  • I walked and some group off students surround. Did they want to me my friend?? I thought. so I was wrong
  • Your friends with MIss Queen of SCHool.
  • MY sister???
  • WHAT
  • A girl pulled my over. I could tell she to the bathroom was a tough one. 
  • Thanks you have to tell me more about each student. Alos, I am Amber.
  • We can be friends. But I gotta warn you! Those kids are gossic students. Three are leaders, there mean and cruel and fierce they deprive people into their group I was once among them.  I am MArgaret.