Owl Creek
Updated: 5/1/2020
Owl Creek

Storyboard Text

  • A "confederate" soldier witnessing a civilian being sentenced to death by hanging. He notices the civilian was well-aged around 35 and was dressed appropriately, but nothing hints to being a Union supporter.
  • Earlier that day, the civilian named Peyton Farquhar is having a discussion with what seems to be a confederate soldier. Their discussion was on the matter of the union's advances and how some cases will impede the union's advances. Farquhar being a secessionist wanted to support the confederacy in anyway possible, and plans to help. Though the union spy he was speaking to was feeding him false information
  • Here Farquhar has managed to survive the hanging, and is now holding to his dear life. While he is struggling to make his way in the river, he is being shot at by confederate soldiers.
  • Farquhar has managed his way on shore, and flees into the forest. He proceeds to run all night until he manages back to his dear loved ones.
  • Farquhar has finally reached his home, where his wife is waiting for him with open arms. Even though the fatigue was strong and his neck was sore, he runs to her embrace.
  • Unfortunately that is not the reality of the situation. Farquhar has been executed and hangs there as a corpse.
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