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Updated: 1/2/2020
comic book strip project
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  • Classroom
  • whats wrong mike ?
  • I dont understand this math work that you were teaching today
  • Classroom
  • Well mike what are you having trouble with
  • Im having problems with derivatives
  • Classroom
  • Ok mike Im going to teach you step by step how to solve a problem
  • Ok Im ready
  • Mike is explaining to the teacher that he is not understanding the work that is being taught in the class
  • Classroom
  • Ok mike so after you multiply your exponents to the whole number what will your
  • So the answer I got was 12x^3 + 4x+1
  • The teacher is trying to find out what mike is having trouble with and now that he knows he is going to give him some work so that he can practice
  • Classroom
  • mike your answer was not wrong but the only things is that you did not drop the 1 at the end
  • Mike do get it now all you have to do is follow these steps all the time and you will be able to solve any problem
  • Step 1.(3x^4 + 2x^2 +1 ) The first step is to multiply the the exponents to the whole number and after you multiply the exponents you have to subtract one from the original exponent
  • Classroom
  • Step 2.(12x^3 + 4x+1 ) the only things that is wrong with this problem is that mike left the 1 at the end of the problem when all he had to do was drop it
  • Step 3. (12x^3 +4x) so this is the final answer after you drop the whole number at the end.
  • so my final answer should be 12x^3 +4x
  • After Mr.Brown taught mike a couple of steps he is now good to go for the next couple of days with this new topic.
  • WHOOOHOOOO I finally get it and now im more confident in my work now thanks Mr.Brown
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