Vision board by Ethan Prendergast
Updated: 11/30/2020
Vision board by Ethan Prendergast

Storyboard Text

  • A young boy named Andrew is about to begin his vision quest. This transition to adulthood is really important.
  • Son, The vision quest is important. Prepare to find your fate.
  • Andrew goes to the sweat lodge so he can get his body and spirit purified.
  • The elder tells Andrew to go to a place far from the camp for his vision quest.
  • Andrew finds a forest that was pretty far from the camp
  • Andrew finds a quiet place in the middle of the forest where he stays awake, fasts, and prays for 4 days until his mind comatose.
  • On the fourth day, a bear walked up to him. This was not some ordinary bear. The bear was much smaller than most. The bear told Andrew his fate
  • You will find your own path in life. You will struggle but over come the difficulties you will face.
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