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Unknown Story
Updated: 8/27/2020
Unknown Story
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  • exposition
  • rising action
  • climax
  • The old Man, his son, and His wife are all sitting in the living room talking to a soldier who walks in with a magical monkey paw. This was exposition cause it introduced the setting characters. and the monkeys paw.
  • falling action
  • The man with the urging of the son and wife take the monkey paw and use it to get 200 pounds. Nothing happens, but the man says he saw the hand move and later that night he's sees a monkey face in the fireplace. This is rising action cause it gave me the felling that something bad was going to happen
  • rising action/climax
  • A man in a black suit comes up and tells them that there son has died in the gears. Then the man handed them the 200 pounds for feeling sorry. This was climax because the man in the black suit was suspicious at first and then it confirmed the the monkeys paw was evil.
  • falling action/resolution
  • So they bury there son and for the next week they just sit around and basically do nothing.This was falling action cause nothing was happening.
  • The wife had an idea, she told the man to wish her son back. the man didn't want to do it but in the end he did. Then there heard a knocking on the door and the wife ran to open against the will of her husband. The rising action is when she was shouting and he used the paw and the climax is when the door was knocked on and she went to open it.
  • The man used his last wish to wish his son away. When the wife opened the door the street was empty and quiet. This was the resolution because everything ended.
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