science project
Updated: 1/3/2020
science project
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  • These guys are very small and not as fast as others, which is gonna make them not get as much food and possibly die.
  • Almost every cheetah run at a different speed, the faster get the most food, while the slowest end up starving
  • Cheetahs are really fast, but their prays are getting faster and faster, and now cheetahs compete to see who gets their prey fster
  • A trait that all cheetahs must have is speed, this trait is super important because it helps them get food when they need it. If they pass that to their baby's they are more likely to survive in the enviroment
  • Cheetahs with speed and intelligence are the ones that are going to survive the longest and will reproduce the better cheetahs. They will also make smart choices when hunting its prey.
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