story board 2
Updated: 1/31/2020
story board 2
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  • you dirty thief .. stealing food .. you good for nothing ..
  • let him go! let go!
  • MR DUSSEL , for god's sake! help me peter!
  • you greedy, selfish . it was you and all the time we thought it was the rats!
  • im hungry .
  • the bread! he was stealing the bread.
  • mr van daan how could you !
  • putti , what is it
  • i see the children getting thinner . your own son peter i heard him moaning in his sleep . the food should be going to the children
  • he needs more food than the rest of us . he's used to more. he's a big man!
  • everyone has caught Mr van daan stealing food and Mr dussel doesn't sound so happy . he has grabbed Mr van daan by the neck while the men are trying to break it up .
  • and you, you're worse than he is! you're a mother and yet you sacrifice your child for this man . i want him out of here !
  • what do you mean?
  • Edith! Edith!
  • just that! get your things and get out!
  • Mrs frank is now outraged and is furious . the whole annex is out of control and everyone is yelling at Mr van daan . he admits he stole the bread and has upset the whole house .
  • i mean exactly that
  • you're speaking out of anger. you cannot mean what you are saying
  • now Mrs frank and Mrs van daan are going back and forth . Mrs van daan is trying to protect her husband but Mrs frank doesn't care she's more upset that the kids are starving and he decided to steal food .
  • no! no! no more talk. i want them to leave!
  • you'd put us put on the streets?
  • edith please, let us be calm. we'll all go to our rooms.. and afterwards we will talk this out
  • Mrs frank has called out Mrs van daan for being a bad mother and wants the van daan's to leave the annex . Mrs van daan feels offended and is arguing back with Mrs frank .
  • get out of here?
  • Mrs van daan goes to snatch the cover from the frank's bed pulling it to her . Mr van daan is feelings sick and anne is helping him up . Mr frank cant believe what his wife is saying .
  • Anne took Mr van daan to the bathroom while Mrs frank is telling them to leave . Mr frank is trying to change her mind but she's not trying to hear that ! i wonder what happens ?
  • there are more hiding places , LEAVEE !
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