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romeo and juliet
Updated: 2/20/2020
romeo and juliet
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  • lord Capulet
  • Hold on. i'm not with you, i'm not with you, wife. how do you mean - shell have none of it? doesn't she thank us? isn't she proud ? doesn't she think herself fortunate, unworthy as she is that we've persuaded such a worthy gentlemen to be her bridegroom?
  • lady capulet
  • not proud you have, but thankful that you have proud can i never be of what i hate but thankful even for hate that is meant love.
  • Juliet
  • nurse
  • How how how how? chopped logic? what is this? 'proud' and 'i thank you' and 'i thank you not' and yet 'not proud' mistress minion you, thank me no thanking nor proud me no proud but fettle your fine joints giants Thursday next to go with Paris to saint peters church or i will drag thee on a hurdle thither out you green-sickness carrion! out you baggage! you tallow face!
  • Fie fie. what, are you mad?
  • Hang thee young baggage, disobedient wretch! i tell thee what - get thee to church a Thursday or never after look me in the face. speak not, reply not, do not answer me. my fingers itch. wife we scarce though us blest that god had lent us this only child; but now i see this one too much, and that we have a curse in having her. out on her, hilding.
  • good father i beseech you on my knees. hear me with patience but to speak a word.
  • and why, my lady wisdom? hold your tongue, good prudence! smatter with your gossips go. O God 'i' good e'en!
  • God in heaven bless her. you are to blame, my lord, to rate her so.I speak no treason.may one not speak?
  • peace, you mumbling fool! Utter your gravity o'er a gossip’s bowl, for here we need it not.
  • You are too hot.
  • God’s bread! It makes me mad. Day, night, hour, tide, time, work, play, Alone, in the company, still my care hath been To have her matched. And having now provided A gentleman of noble parentage, Of fair demesnes, youthful, and nobly trained, Stuffed, as they say, with honorable parts, Proportioned as one’s thought would wish a man— And then to have a wretched puling fool, A whining mammet, in her fortune’s tender, To answer “I’ll not wed,” “I cannot love,” “I am too young,” “I pray you, pardon me.”—But, you will not wed, I’ll pardon you. Graze where you will, you shall not house with me. Look to ’t, think on ’t, I do not use to jest. Thursday is near. Lay hand on heart, advise. You be mine, I’ll give you to my friend. An you be not, hang, beg, starve, die in the streets, For, by my soul, I’ll ne'er acknowledge thee, Nor what is mine shall never do thee good. Trust to ’t, bethink you. I’ll not be forsworn.
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