English 2-H Final
Updated: 12/16/2020
English 2-H Final

Storyboard Text

  • Stay quiet, it might be the hound
  • Hello? Is anyone there? I need help!
  • It's okay Winston. I've had my fair share of mind control back at my home and it was horrible. You're safe here.
  • Here you are safe. Safe to think and express yourself.
  • Montag it was terrible there. I couldn't think, I couldn't even step a toe in the wrong direction or big brother would get mad.
  • What if the Party finds me or worse Big Brother!
  • Here there is no government only you and your mind?
  • There is more people like you, you should go out and find them.
  • Are you sure it is safe to think here, what about the cameras?
  • Montag is worried that the hound has caught up to him. While Winston is begging for help and shelter from Big Brother.
  • Montag you have really helped me with your words. You should put your words in a place where you can help hundreds of people.
  • Montag and Winston share their experiences with their own government. Montag reassures him that he is safe.
  • Everything will be okay. Come with me if you don't want to be controlled anymore.
  • Montag tells Winston he can't be the only one and that he should search for people like him.
  • Our oppressive governmentHelp start the change
  • WInston explains to Montag that he can help hundreds at the same time instead of one by one.
  • Winston takes Montag's advice and finds more like him in search for freedom.
  • Montag starts an underground, secretive meeting place for people who want change. He shares his words in hopes to inspire people.
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