Reading Project MP 2
Updated: 2/6/2020
Reading Project MP 2
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Chapter 149 ; what he's doing.

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  • ¨And when I got home from school Father was still at work, so I went into the kitchen an took the key out of the little china jog shaped like a nun and opened the back door and went outside and looked inside the dustbin to find my book¨ (Hadden 91).
  • ¨ And that was when I saw the envelope. It was an envelope addressed to me and it was lying under my book in the shirt book with some other envelopes. I pulled it up. It had never been opened¨(Hadden 94). 
  • ¨ One other possibility was that Father had hidden my book somewhere in the house. So I decided to do some detecting and see if I could find it¨(Hadden 91).
  • ¨Perhaps the letter was in the wrong envelope and it has been written before Mother had died. But why was the writing from London¨(Hadden 99).
  • ¨Which meant that the only room left to detect in was Father´s bedroom. I didn't know whether I should look in there because he had told me before not to mess with anything in his room. But if he was going to hide something from me, the best place to hide it would be in his room¨ (Haddon 92).
  • Christopher.. Christopher..?!? Where are you???
  • So I just wanted to say I finally got a job ... 
  • Dear Christopher...
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