Updated: 9/10/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I, Grendel, have decided to attack this place that does not let me sleep because of their need to party every night. This comes to an end NOW!!!
  • I heard that there is a monster killing people and Hrothgar is doing nothing. I am going to Herot Hall to save them, prepare me a boat and get my men ready to fight!
  • Uh oh.
  • Get ready to die you filthy monster!
  • Grendel's mother wants revenge for his son's tragic death. Beowulf and Grendel's mother fight, Beowulf wins.
  • You killed my son! You have to pay the consequences with you life now!!!!
  • 50 years into Beowulf's reign, someone disturbed the dragon by robbing a cup. Beowulf is very old, but still has the same energy.
  • I may be old, but I will still do whatever I can to keep my people safe, for it is my duty as king!
  • Here lies the great king and brave knight Beowulf. He will always be remembered. He has been burned and his ashes lie underneath us with treasure, overlooking the sea, just how he wanted it to be.