cosco of wine
Updated: 3/10/2020
cosco of wine
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  • exposition
  • You? Impossible! A mason?
  • rising action
  • rising action
  • ugh! ugh!
  • This is the scene where the main character, Montresor is thinking about how Fortunato caused him great trouble due to insult. This is exposition because it shows us the two characters and the main conflict of the story
  • climax
  • Montresor talks with Fortunato about a casket he bought and using reverse psychology, he convinces Fortunato to come with him. This is rising action because the pieces of Montresor plan are coming together.
  • falling action
  • ?
  • Fortunato is shown to be sick, and they are getting deeper and deeper into the catacombs, and Montresor gets his to drink more. This is rising action because they are getting closer and closer to the "Amontillado." This is rising action because Montresor is getting closer the hole in the wall to where he was going to kill him.
  • resolution
  • Fortunato find the hole, and Montresor ties him up using chains. This is the climax because the final piece in his plan was in place, and Montresor has full power now.
  • Montresor is now putting up a wall over the hole as Fortunato screams about the amontillado. This is falling action because the story is closing up and Fortunato cannot do anything to get out anymore, so Montresor can finish up
  • Fortunato gives hi last words, and Montresor finishes up, leaving almost guilt in Montresor. This is the resolution because Montresor finished what he planed to do, and Fortunato, the problem was solved, by killing him.
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