D.E.C.I.D.E Comic by Ga'Naiza
Updated: 12/21/2020
D.E.C.I.D.E  Comic by Ga'Naiza

Storyboard Description

Cataleya has to meet up with her friends at there usual meeting spot, but she is met with a decision. Anna her friends offers her a cigarette, what should Cataleya do? Smoke it or Decline?

Storyboard Text

  • Determine the Decision
  • Hey Cata! I wanna try smoking, You wanna do it with me?
  • What should I do? Should I smoke it or not?
  • Yeah, I'm gonna go smoke with Xavier!
  • Explore The Options
  • Sorry, Give me a second please?
  • I could Decline, Act like i'm smoking, or I could smoke it
  • Consider the Consequences
  • If I smoke it, I could gain popularity, I could gain friends, I could also be seen as cool. But I could risk addiction and disease, I could get caught by an adult, or I could lose friends
  • If I decline, I won’t get addicted. I won’t get in trouble if you get caught. I might gain a friend but I might lose friends, I might seem uncool, and I might lose popularity
  • If I act like i'm smoking it, I could seem cool, I could gain friends I, I could gain popularity but I could get caught by the others, I could get caught by an adult, I could lose friends.
  • As Cataleya walks up to her groups meeting spot, she's met with a bunch of her friends smoking. Anna her best friend asks her if she wants to smoke. What should Cataleya do?
  • Identify your Values
  • If I were to not smoke the cigarette, I could stay out of trouble with my parents and law firm if I were underage, I also would be keep my health in good condition
  • As Cataleya works through her options, Anna and her friends wait patiently for her
  • Decide and Act!
  • I believe the best cause of action would be to decline, because smoking can risk addiction, disease, and overall ruin your life.
  • Cataleya considers the consequences for her options, weighing her pros and cons
  • Evaluate your Results
  • Yeah, I guess your right! I'll go ask the rest if they wanna see the movie with us!
  • Cataleya identify what she values in life, and how this could possibly effect her.
  • Smoking can cause many diseases, smoking even though it could gain you possible friends it can get you in trouble, my grades and my health are important to me and smoking puts that at risk
  • Cataleya finally makes her decision, but what does Anna have to say about it? Will she respect Cataleya decision?
  • Besides, your already so cool Anna! Instead, why don't we go see that movie that just came out?
  • Although it might gain you some popularity, and you might be deemed ‘cool’, they are other ways to be cool.
  • Anna seems to have agreed and respected Cataleya's decision. Now they go to see the a movie. It seems Cataleya has successfully avoided the situation!
  • Cool! Let me know what they say!
  • I feel good about my decision, I still have my friends, good grades, and a reasonable amount of good health.
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