Unknown Story
Updated: 3/4/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I'm so hot!
  • Magma is coming out of the volcano!
  • Benny is living in some extreme weather! He has turned from magma to an igneous rock! This is called Melting and cooling!
  • Hey! We're back!
  • A few thousand years later, Benny has been through a very long heat wave and is now a metamorphic rock.
  • Benny has been weathered and eroded, he is now little sediments, multiple Bennys'! Benny has deposited here.
  • All of Benny
  • Below the sand, Benny got compacted and turned back into one rock! But now Benny is a sedimentary rock! He has gone through compaction and cementation!
  • Through some more heat and pressure, Benny is turning into a Metamorphic rock! This process will conitinue to repeat, it is the rock cycle!
  • Here we go again!