Myth Masks

Updated: 6/19/2020
Myth Masks

Storyboard Text

  • Silas lived in worlds that never were. Narnia always felt more like home than Jayanagar. If only 4th block was more like Westros.
  • Alas, reality held nothing but disappointment. If only the reality was a little more absurd, a little more fantastic, a little more, honest.
  • One day, with a certain pandemic on the horizon the world started to get a little crazy. Nothing seemed to stay the same anymore.
  • Then, thanks to regulations that required everyone to have masks on at all times, everyone has embraced their fantastic, quirky and honest side by wearing The Mortal Guardian's all new pandemic armour.
  • Silas then rushed home to get into his very own official Plants vs Zombies Pandemic Armour to join in on what he always wanted
  • Finally, Silas in a word going mad, had finally come to belong. All thanks to The Mortal Guardian's Pandemic Armour