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Updated: 2/28/2021
New Nation

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  • Washington's Presidency
  • Hamilton VS Jefferson
  • Whisky Rebellion
  • Washington had to make tough decisions when France was at war with Britain but the choice of neutrality benefited America because it prevented the young country of the United States of America from falling apart.
  • John Adams Presidency
  • Hamilton and Jefferson disagreed on what to do when it came to the war between France and Britain. Jefferson thought Washington should honor the treat of 1778. While Hamilton thought it was to risky to take the side of France as the United States was a young republic and all of the monarchies were against France.
  • XYZ Affair
  • The Whisky Rebellion was a tax protest in the US beginning 1791 until 1794 while George Washington was president. under the command of American revolutionary war major James McFarlane.
  • Alien and Sedition Acts
  • John Adams added the two-party system he was president.
  • XYZ Affair was a series of diplomatic incidents which resulted in an undeclared naval war between the US and France.
  • Alien and Sedition Acts are gour laws passed by 5th US congress and signed into law by John Adams in 1798. These made it harder for an immigrant to become a Citizen, also allowed president to imprision/deport noncitizens.