MSND Act 1 Scene 1
Updated: 2/10/2020
MSND Act 1 Scene 1

Storyboard Text

  • You must wed Demitrius, or else you do not deserve to live.
  • Yes, marry me!
  • But I don't wanna! You are the worst father who ever lived!
  • Egeus want his daughter to marry Demitrius.
  • Lysander wooes Hermia with his songs and words from the "heart"
  • My dear Hermia, I love you with my whole heart. Will you marry me?
  • I'm not going to marry Demitrius. I'll find a way to marry Lysander.
  • Oh yes, I would love to Lysander! But my father is forcing me to wed Demitrius!
  • I assure you, my fair Hippolyta, that no violence shall ruin our wedding in four days.
  • Theseus and Hippolyta are rather impatiently waiting to get married.
  • Oh Theseus, you are so brave and I believe you.
  • You must decide by my wedding date, whether you will marry Demitrius, or go into the convent...
  • Or I will make you die.
  • Theseus says that Hermia must make a choice by his wedding day.
  • I have an aunt 20 miles from here. We could run away and get married there, where nobody could ever find us.
  • Oh, that sounds wonderful Lysander!
  • They make a plan to run away and get married.
  • oh that's wonderful!
  • Me and Lysander are going to run away, Helena!
  • Hermia tells Helena the plan.