Updated: 4/6/2021

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  • why would you leave the house when you look like that
  • do you not even look in a mirror in the morning
  • Hannah and Cara have been good friends since they were little
  • Recently, Cara has been hanging out with some girls in their grade that Hannah doesn't really get along with, but she's happy that Cara has more friends.
  • you chose that shirt? your mom seriously didn't force you to wear it?
  • However, these girls are really rude to Hannah online. They comment on her Instagram posts on her appearance.
  • This has been happening for awhile, but now that Cara is distancing herself from Hannah, its affecting her more
  • Hannah tries to block the accounts, but the girls just make other accounts and continue to leave comments. She stops posting to Instagram altogether, but they just comment on old posts
  • omigod you look awful
  • She sees that a new account has commented on one of her posts from around 2 months ago, and she goes to block it, assuming it's one of the girl's alternate accounts.