City Of Thieves
Updated: 2/7/2020
City Of Thieves
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  • What if its fake.
  • We Need to get to get those eggs. We have to try.
  • Well there is an old man on top of a building with Chickens, He has a gun and would kill you, thats what iv'e heard.
  • They kill the people and eat them!
  • We don't have any eggs for you...
  • Ch#5 In the Haymarkey, Kolya and Lev stop at the Haymarket and talk to a Kid. The kid tell Them that their is could be chickens on top of a building but their would be someone guarding them and he would kill you, that's what he heard.
  • That's one of our kind that the German killed and put out here as a sign...
  • They are killing our kind and mocking us... They hang them all over the city...
  • .........
  • hi
  • Ch#5 Cannibalism, Lev and Kolya follow a guy into the building because he said he had eggs. When they get in the building, they get into the room and see human meat, and he had no eggs for them.
  • What do you see?
  • Hmm
  • Ch#12 War Dogs, While Lev and Kolya are walking, They encounter something. They see a whole are with War Dogs that got killed by the Germans.
  • I hope you guys learned to not try to escape this House... or this happens to you too
  • Ch#13 Human Sign, While Kolya and Lev are walking through the trees, They come across a Human sign. They used the dead Russians as signs to mock and tell them what will happen to them.
  • Ch#13 Farmhouse, Later when its getting night, Lev and kolya Get to a Farmhouse. When Kolya looks inside the Farmhouse, He see's 4 girls in there and plans to get in.
  • "Stay right there"... I see Girls... 4 girls, We need to get in.
  • Ch# Zoya, Lev and Kolya ask why can't they just leave, And one of the girls says something. When Zoya left, She was hunted down by the Germans, and they brought her back, And they did something to her.
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