Electricity Safety
Updated: 3/9/2020
Electricity Safety
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  • Electricity Safety(By:Kavya)
  • MY KITE!
  • Should I climb the fence and get it?
  • Raina got shocked by a running dryer by the sink.Water is a good conductor of electricity so to prevent Raina's mistake don't leave any electronics by water.
  • Jeff is out in a lighting storm under a tree. In a lighting storm never go under a tree. Trees have water in them and give electricity a good flow. You can get shocked. Trees can eventually start a fire. In a lighting storm never go out. If you are out find shelter.
  • Haha you can't catch me I'm almost at teal!
  • Lisa's kite got stuck in the fence of a electrical company. She doesn't know if she should climb the fence and get it.Like water metal is a good conductor so climbing the fence is not a good idea. If this happens ask a worker to get it for you.
  • Christy is so busy talking on her that she doesn't realize the amount of things she has plugged into the outlet. Too many things plugged in at once can create a fire.
  • Chris and Kayla are playing tag. What they don't realize is that they are using the electrical pole as a teal. That is very unsafe because the pole is made out of metal and can shock you.
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