bio project
Updated: 6/5/2020
bio project
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  • you both look very tired from that football game at recess. Both of you lack ATP and need some glucose, why don't you go eat.
  • What the heck is ATP?
  • why do we need glucose?
  • Well you see kids glucose is a from of sugar needed to do cellular respiration. And ATP is one of the results of cellular respiration. ATP is a form of energy.
  • What is cellular respiration?
  • Yeah what is cellular respiration.
  • Well cellular respiration is the processes of breaking down oxygen and and glucose to form carbon dioxide, water and ATP, which are all necessities to live. This processes takes place in the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell.
  • so why are we tired from football at recess?
  • Ggreat job Tommy and Jerome you are the only students to get 100% on the test today.
  • yeah what he said
  • while you were playing football you were running around using energy, so your body was doing cellular respiration the whole time so that you would have enough energy to play. But towards the end you ran out of glucose so you couldn't do cellular respiration causing both of you not to do cellular respiration resulting in not have any energy
  • WOW
  • looks like I am going to go get some mango
  • hopefully this mango will help us do well on the test
  • yeah I feel really tired right now so hopefully this mango gives me energy
  • wow the mango really energized me and helped me do well
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