Ch. 13-21 Snyder
Updated: 5/9/2020
Ch. 13-21 Snyder

Storyboard Text

  • Ch. 12 "The First Bomb"
  • Ch. 13 "The Second Bomb"
  • Ch. 16 "The Third Bomb"
  • All the heirs were meeting in the coffee shop owned by the Theodorakis family when all of a sudden you could hear explosions and see fire and rockets. Everyone went crazy and was in shock.
  • Ch. 21 "The Fourth Bomb"
  • All of the heirs were at James Hoo's restaurant when there were random pops and booms. Everyone looked toward the kitchen when Madame Hoo came out covered in tomato sauce that everyone thought was blood. They had to close the shop to clean the mess.
  • All of Grace Wexler's friends were sitting in a circle waiting to open all of Angela's gifts for her wedding when she opened the wrong gift and sparks flew everywhere and a firework hit Angela and cut her face. Everyone was very frighted and took cover under anything that they could find.
  • Theo Theodorakis was going up the elevator when he reached the lobby there were rockets getting shot everywhere and smoke and flames. When he got out of the elevator he saw Turtle sitting in the hallway after she had been struck by one of the rockets.