Pretty Mothers are a Problem
Updated: 2/14/2020
Pretty Mothers are a Problem

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Its Okay. This My Daughter Ashlee. Say Hello to the boy Ashlee. You can call me Aretha.
  • ......
  • Rising Action
  • Do you have any friends that will be willing to help us move Malik?
  • I'd call around but they probably won't be able I know my friends.
  • Conflict
  • This is why you always by yourself, Miss Mean and Nasty.
  • We need more help. Who's gonna move that couch? Him? and what about the beds? and the TV's?
  • Most people live n the same house all their lives. They... just forget it Mom.
  • Malik was caught checking out the new lady who moved into the neighborhood. The Lady named Aretha introduced him to her daughter name Ashlee.
  • Climax
  • What are want, Mom?
  • I Apologize for looking at eyeballing your butt ma'am.
  • Ashlee tells her mom to come on or they will never get things done. Aretha asks if Malik has some friends t help them move things a little faster.
  • Falling Action
  • Mom how could you do me like this again? You're old and that's ... that's like abuse. I know hoe you get around boys. You almost went to jail for tat before you know.
  • Quit fooling around mom or we are never going to get done.
  • Again?
  • Ashlee feels that Malik is not enough help and tells her mom they need more but instead of coming up with finding more help they argue and things were said.
  • Resolution
  • Malik and Ashlee were in the kitchen and her mom called Malik's name and ask how was he holding up.
  • Yeah i'm okay. No ya'll ain't working me too hard.
  • Malik? You Okay?You sure we ain't working you too hard? and Just thinking
  • Malik helped me up there Ashlee and then he kissed me. You now how boys get around me. Ashlee! That's the probem you think you my age. You think you're a teenager. You're grown. So grow up!
  • After Malik and Aretha kissed and Ashlee seen Ashlee and her mother got to arguing. They argued about how this has happened before and she shouldn't be doing this again. Malik is sitting on the couch listening to see whats happening.
  • Malik was leaving when Aretha stopped him to talk about how she came off on the wrong foot and that secrets could be kept if they were to do something together. Malik was not trying to attend to this.
  • "Miss Aretha."
  • Hey. Malik. Sit. It's A Command not a request. I ain't mean to give you the wrong impression. I ain't that kind of person. It's Aretha. Your mom, there's some things she shouldn't now, you know? Ashlee either. Not all secrets are bad.