Jiraiya's Journey
Updated: 6/15/2020
Jiraiya's Journey
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  • Hey do you want to go on an adventure into the forest?
  • Hmmm... sure let's go!
  • Come on let's go somewhere else.
  • GRRRR.....
  • IT'S MINE!
  • WOAH!
  • What's that noise? Maybe I'll go check it out.
  • One day Jiraiya and Sophia were sitting outside, enjoying the view of the clouds and the sky. Then they both decided to go out on an adventure into the forest.
  • Oh no I lost Sophia, but wait who's talking!?
  • Fool! Can't you see it's locked and why would you go inside an abandoned house.
  • As Jiraiya and Sophia both entered the forest, they saw a rabbit and a bear fighting overstrawberries. During their fight the victor became very clear, which was the rabbit. So as the animals were fighting Jiraiya took Sophia by the hand and walked away.
  • Okay. Let's get going then.
  • Alright thanks for helping me out, but where should we start looking for Sophia?
  • How about the place you last saw her? I have a friend who can help us.
  • As they were getting fatigued and dehydrated they found a river with flying fishes, eating grapes and humming the ABC's. Then Jiraiya heard something moving so he headed towards the directions of the noise and left Sophia behind.
  • Alright I'm leaving... hoot
  • Okay.
  • I' m so relieved you found me and I'm okay!
  • Also on my way here I met a cat, made a promise with them, and so he's going to be living with us. So lets go home and have some cheese.
  • We finally found you! Are you okay?
  • Okay thank you for your help Sleepy. Umm... Sophia I didn't mention this but I can communicate with animals. I just found out.
  • "Oh no I lost Sophia, what do I do now" Jiraiya replied, when he found an abandoned house with a black cat outside. When Jiraiya tried to open the door it was locked but at the same time he heard someone talk.
  • It was then that Jiraiya realized he had the ability to communicate with animals. So he and the cat introduced themselves and Jiraiya asked him to help him find Sophia. The cat agreed but with one condition, which was a lifetime supply of cheese. Once the deal was made they were on their way to finding Sophia.
  • Oh my I can't believe I'm getting a lifetime supply of cheese! However, I don't know if I can handle it since I'm lactose-intolerant....oops
  • With the help of the black cat he called his friend "Sleepy" the owl to help search for Sophia. With Sleepy's vision they were able to spot Sophia instantly. Turns out the black cat was right, she was at the same spot the flying fishes were. Then once they found each other the black cat, Sophia and Jiraiya headed home to eat cheese and Jiraiya promised he would never wonder off by himself when he hears something.
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