Flawed book project
Updated: 2/7/2020
Flawed book project

Storyboard Text

  • Angelina gets taken away.
  • Old man on the bus.
  • Are we going to just watch this?!
  • The branding.
  • While Celestines' family and Arts' family are waiting for their neighbors for dinner, the mother of that family gets taken away by the whistleblowers to The Guild to get branded as flawed.
  • Finding Art.
  • On her way to school, Celestine sees a flawed old man board the bus. He started to have a horrible cough. Celestine helped him but by doing so she gets taken away for it is against the law to help a flawed.
  • Logans 'party'.
  • Celestine recived the most brands in history. Judge Creavan wants to give her one on her spine to represent she is flawed to the very back bone. After being told it's illegal, he screams "I am the law!" And does it himself.
  • The Flawed Rally.
  • Art had disappeared for weeks, but one day while Celestine was is the school library she finds him. Before she is able to explain why she was talking to Logan, Art gets mad and storms off.
  • Logan had invited Celestine to his 'birthday party' but him and his friends end up taking her to a shed. They stripped her down to her underwear to see her brands, but one of his friends saw the sixth brand.
  • Celestines' grandpa took her to a flawed rally where those flawed shared their stories. Celestine got pulled up stage but before she could speak whistleblowers arrived outside the auditorium.