Project 1 EDUC 505
Updated: 2/7/2021
Project 1 EDUC 505

Storyboard Text

  • It is hard to stay focused.
  • Good Morning Class it is so great to see you made it to our Google Meet. Go to your Google Classroom and open...
  • Are you there? Are you on the correct site?
  • Priya, I can see that you are not on task. What is that site?
  • This fall all meetings were on Zoom or Google Meet. You were in your classroom by yourself. If you left your camera on, everyone could see what you were doing. If the camera was off, it was difficult to stay focused. I was star struck when my district had Jennifer Gonzales present to us and disliked mentor meetings held this way. I wanted to be with my mentee.
  • Class go to and enter the code xcd fgi.
  • This is what hybrid teach felt like. I was so happy to be teaching but there was always that thought in the back of my mind "Are you there? Are you listening? Are you understanding?". Google Classroom has been a life line this year. I could post formative assessments to show me what the students understood. I found videos to post for students who were quarantined and discovered this was good for all students.
  • In your Google Classroom you will find a link to your Desmos assignment.
  •  To help answer some of these questions my district added lightspeed to our computers. I can now view my students screens. This helps with that "Are you there? and "What are you doing?" anxiety that I was feeling.
  • Today for our "Number Talk" you will record how you solve the problem Flipgrid.
  • Before the pandemic my students would discuss there work in groups and share out. Because of social distance, students enter their thoughts on Pear Deck and I share the answers on a screen.
  • Before the pandemic, I would pass out work and collect. I started learning about using technology in my classroom by trial and error while schools were closed. I then started this Master Program and I am so much more comfortable and confident using Tech with my studnts. I found Desmos to be better for my students. My district had block popups so that Assistments question did not operate correctly and students could not change the settings at school.
  • To add social distance to my Math classroom, I tried having the students record an explanation of how they solved problems on Flipgrid. This did not work as well as it did with grad class. It did get some students interested in making videos of themselves solving problems to help peers who did not understand or who had to quarantine. The next step is to make a you tube channel to save the explanations for future use.