A Purple and Yellow Book Bring Together Two Children Mutually Pining For Ea
Updated: 1/23/2020
A Purple and Yellow Book Bring Together Two Children Mutually Pining For Ea
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  • It was the end of the day at Forest Middle School. Mrs Sliverstein had one last thing to say. She told the class that she was going to initiate a take-home group project. Little did the class know that she had ulterior motives...
  • We are going to be starting a project!
  • Of course she wanted to do a project, but she kind of fudged the details on the take-home part. Even though they acted like they hated each other, she knew that both Asher and Bianca had a thing for each other. Watching them flirt obliviously had taken a toll on her, and she was tired of it. That's why she told the class that it was a take-home project. It would push Asher and Bianca to spend time with each other, and she could finally see her ship come to life. Hey, teachers had lives too!
  • Wait, what?!
  • First group, Asher and Bianca!
  • Is this a joke?
  • Bianca was incredibly excited to be paired up with Asher, but she had to keep up appearances, so she made sure to look sad when she confronted Asher about the project. Asher was also excited to be paired up with Bianca, but he also to keep up apperances, so he had a sad look on his face.
  • So, do you want to go to the library to start the project?
  • Yeah, that's a good idea
  • Time skip...
  • How was your day?
  • Seriously? That was the best thing I could come up with?
  • It was okay, I guess
  • This is a pretty long walk.
  • Almost there
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