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the world on the turtle's back
Updated: 9/13/2020
the world on the turtle's back
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  • A man and a women lived in the sky world. the wife was pregnant and she told the husband to get her something to eat from the great tree. He created a hole while digging and the women ended up falling through, but she was caught by sea birds and she made it down to the ocean safely.
  • The birds placed her on the turtle's back and the other animals help her get soil underneath the ocean which let her plant the roots she fell with. She gave birth to a daughter and they walked in circle around the sun creating the earth.
  • One day, a mysterious man came to the daughter and she suddenly fainted. When she woke up, she found two arrows next to her. After a while she found out she was pregnant with twins.
  • The daughter gave birth and the right-handed twin was born in a normal way whereas the left-handed twin was born through the armpit. The right-handed twin told the truth and he did everything that was right. on the other hand the left-handed twin was a devious and liar who did things backward.
  • As they grew up to become a man, they competed in creativity. The right handed-twin created things that benefited the world but the left-handed twin created evil things that harm the world. With the-right handed twin creating plant eating animals, the left-handed twin created meat eating animals. The right-handed twin eventually made a man from clay.
  • The two twins finally decided to battle. After several days of fighting the right-handed twin kills the left-handed twin, but the left-handed twin lived on the night time in the world below. The right-handed twin also killed the grandmother and her head became the moon watching the left-handed twin at night.
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