History assingment

Updated: 3/26/2021
History assingment

Storyboard Text

  • The Qing were from Manchuria, a region North of Korea. When they took over they kept the government the same as it was under the Ming Dynasty following the ideas of Confucianism.The first emperor of the Qing was Fulin.
  • We are the Qing Dynasty
  • I was a canal builder during the Qing dynasty. I built canals to control the floods this helped the economy.
  • I was part of the Army during the Qing dynasty. Our Army conquered new lands and gained natural resources. This helped our economy!!
  • Everyone in the government became greedy and ignored the needs of the poor.
  • Oh! its you again. As you can see the canal has flooded! Because of the government failure it put us canal builders out of work and the Canals flooded.
  • The weak Qing dynasty was not conquered in war, but allowed the European and American trading companies to control the economic and therefore the political system of China.