Unknown Story

Updated: 5/12/2020
Unknown Story

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  • It is the last day of school and some kids turn into monsters in the middle of a dodge ball game. They start to attack Percy and his new freind, Tyson. Tyson starts to catch balls that are lit on fire to save Percy. Annabeth shows up and they run away with Tyson before they get blamed and in trouble for the damage. 
  • They go to camp half-blood and ask the new camp director who hates them to go on a quest. He agrees that someone should go on the quest for the golden fleece. Instead he sends Clairese from Ares Cabin. The new cam director is not aloud to eat any food or drink water as a punishment.
  • Percy is stressed because he keeps haveing bad dreams about grover being in danger so he goes to the ocean to calm himself. A jogger who turns out to be hermes sits and talks to him. He gives him pills and a thermos full of wind to help him on his journey