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vaccine storyboard
Updated: 9/29/2020
vaccine storyboard
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  • At her yearly checkup at the doctor's office, Serena gets the flu vaccine.
  • The vaccine consists of a much weaker form of the actual influenza virus:
  • (actual influenza virus)
  • The vaccine exposes Serena's body to the weak form of the virus, and because it is so weak, her white blood cells & immune system are able to fight it off easily.
  • Meanwhile memory cells gather and retain information about the virus...
  • Attack!
  • >:O
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  • ...So that if Serena ever contracts the real virus, those memory cells will be able to detect it early on and prevent it from spreading throughout her body.
  • Danger, danger! It's the influenza!
  • Next year, Serena will have to come back and get another influenza vaccine for another variation of the flu, whichever type that scientists predict to be the most prevalent that year.
  • With the flu, there are many different variations and mutations of the virus, and one vaccine can't cover them all.
  • The End!
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