States of Matter Comic Strip
Updated: 4/15/2020
States of Matter Comic Strip
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  • It all started in July of 206 A.D. The soldiers were finishing up a ritual that they had found in a book from the people they had just looted.
  • Upon finishing the ritual, the soldiers seemed to have transported into a new world. It was: THE FUTURE! It was the summer of 2019 to be exact.
  • Who are you and where in time are we?
  • My name is Aadi and the year is 2019 I am a scientist.
  • Who are you?!?!
  • My name is Scipio Africanus and these are my troops. We are from 206 A.D.
  • Nice to meet you. Wow you guys are sweating! Let me get you some water.
  • Well then it's perfect that you walked in right on one of my experiments!
  • Huh? What's I-C-E?
  • Would you like ice?
  • It's a solid. It's six characteristics are: unable to flow, definite shape/volume, and closely packed, only vibrating particles that have very strong interactions.
  • This is an ice cube.
  • When heat is applied to ice, its particles speed up. It reaches its melting point, the temperature at which it changes state, and becomes water, a liquid. Let's put the water in the cup.
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