!st amendment
Updated: 6/3/2020
!st amendment

Storyboard Text

  • I forgot. Thanks for reminding me. I would prefer Trump wins but I can go either way. I don't hate either of them.
  • Hey Jack did you vote for the president yet? I There is no way I am voting for Trump. I hate him.
  • I kinda think hate is a strong word but he is allowed to form his own opinion so whatever.
  • Ok ,well the decision was made. Now I hope he can do a good job as President.
  • And the new President of Storyboard city is...Donald Trump
  • What? No way! Not TRUMP!!
  • Wait what? You can't arrest him for just saying what he feels! That is a violation of our 1st Amendment rights!
  • (Speaking loudly outside of the voting office )"I hate Trump, I hate Trump! There should be a re-count!"
  • Young man, you have the right to remain silent..." You are under arrest for saying you hate Trump. You have no right to say that. Let's go. You are going to jail.
  • Hey Jack who did you finally end up voting for anyway?