Updated: 8/13/2020

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  • Hmm.. It may be a good day to get my hair done!
  • Cecille's Hair Salon
  • Hi, can I get a haircut?
  • Excuse me? How dare you?
  • You're not allowed in here, Ma'am!
  • Didn't you hear us? Are you deaf?!
  • Ma'am, please get out. Black people aren't allowed in here!
  • Vanessa thinks of getting her hair done at Cecille's Hair Salon. And so, she decided to go inside and ask for assistance.
  • Am I allowed in here? Should I go inside and try if I will be able to eat?
  • Joe's
  • Joe's
  • ...
  • ...
  • Just as she opened the door, all the customers turned their attention to her and immediately nagged her to get out of the salon.
  • ...
  • Are Black people like me allowed here?
  • Hi, Ma'am! Welcome to Joe's. What would you like to eat today?
  • ...
  • The salon manager insisted that Black People, including Vanessa, are not allowed in the salon.
  • Thank you so much!
  • We believe that every one in here must be accepted no matter what race and color.
  • Black people are people are they should be accepted no matter what.
  • Our answer to you is Yes, you are welcome here.
  • As she was walking in the street, she noticed some people were eating and talking outside Joe's cafe and she was feeling hungry. She wondered if she'll be able to eat at Joe's.
  • When she went inside, the service crew asked about what she can do for Vanessa but as Vanessa replied to the staff with a question if Black paople are allowed at Joe's.
  • ...
  • Asking that question, all the people inside the cafe focused their attention on Vanessa and felt pitiful for her. They immediately clarified things to her regarding the issue.
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