Business Meeting Gone Wrong

Updated: 3/9/2021
Business Meeting Gone Wrong

Storyboard Text

  • Is he being serious right now?
  • The day after the meeting....
  • I didn't bring any gifts, but I will open your gift right now!
  • We have given you a token of appreciation for coming to the meeting!
  • ........
  • Zach, I don't think that's the smartest idea!
  • Thank you for the gift, let's hug it out and plan future deliberations!
  • I'll take some photos!!!
  • NO WAY!
  • Hey, really sorry about yesterday. Is the deal still on the table?
  • Yes the deal was still on, however you disturbing us is not acceptable, we will review the agreements and get back to you.
  • So let's get to work, I don't have all day old man. You wanna sign the agreement or what?
  • After what you've said, we have withdrawn from the deal, goodbye.