Rock Cycle Facts
Updated: 2/12/2020
Rock Cycle Facts
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  • Can you believe this was made by faults and plates.
  • I know Right! Wait a second look at that.
  • Lets Run!
  • Few we made it. We are no longer surounded by magma.
  • We actually still are. we are sitting on igneous rocks that are cooled magma.
  • When plates collide it makes a fault which can create mountains or volcanos.
  • Yay it is no wonder these sedimentary rocks are so big.
  • The hot liquid rock under the earth is called magma or lava, this rises when the plates are pushed aparts.
  • Let me see!
  • Wow look at those metamorphic rocks down there.
  • Well for example rocks can become fossils of dead animals so, scientists can learn more about extinct animals those are usually under ground.
  • Igneous Rocks are made when magma cools, it can happen below or above Earth.
  • Those rocks are really cool but, why do we need them?
  • Sedimentary Rocks are formed by sediment and erosion ,wind makes layers and layers of rock.
  • Wow it's really windy and rainy out here.
  • Metamorphic rocks are made under pressure. Usually the minerals change inside the rock.
  • Rocks can help scientists study animals through fossils.
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