Turning into a new leaf

Updated: 6/29/2020
Turning into a new leaf

Storyboard Text

  • Hey that kid is a big bully . He injured 3 kids yesterday
  • O my god
  • 15 years later The kid whose name was Bob was still a bully One day while he was walking down the road....
  • Hey what is he doing ??
  • He saw that a kid who was getting bullied by a teen who looked like him when he was young. He then thought to himself ....
  • And so Bobs life changed beause of this one incident he started helping every one instead of harming them.
  • Was this what i had been doing all these years. I regret what i had done...
  • Hey you stop what u are doing now !!
  • Uh oh , RUNN!!!
  • You okay kid ???
  • Ya , Im Fine Thanks for coming to my rescue
  • Here have a lolly pop
  • Thanks