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Social Studies
Updated: 10/6/2020
Social Studies
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  • Once upon a time, there was an emperor of the Qin Dynasty who was in need for an official state religion. He summoned 4 individuals of 4 different teachings to his court, and asked, "what teaching should we claim as the official doctrine of the land?"
  • Confucianism should be claimed as the official doctrine of the land, because we will maintain a peaceful and orderly society through kindness. We must have a good government that leads by example so they can be role models for society. People will accept their spot in society, and will have responsibilities based on their positions. People would learn to be honest, and treat others as they want to be treated. With Confucianism as the official doctrine, people would all be kind to each other, and everyone would help each other succeed. People would want to follow the laws because they aren't harsh. This teaching would create a society of peace among one another. 
  • The first person was a disciple of Confucius
  • The second person was a practitioner of Daoism
  • Daoism should be claimed as the official doctrine of the land, because people can live in harmony with nature. We must follow the way of the road, and take on whatever comes towards us. Men and women must be equal to each other, and must balance society. If people aren't easy to govern, it is because the people in authority are too fond of action. We must live along side of nature, and not take it for advantage. Nature will fix all of our problems, and therefore we must respect it. Daoism would teach people to live with what they have, and to live conservatively.
  • The third person was an adherent to Buddhism
  • We should claim Buddhism as our official doctrine because society will learn to end selfishness through suffering. We will follow the Four Noble Truths which will prevent our people from greed. The Eightfold Path will teach people to be good. People will be honest with Buddhism as the official doctrine. Our people would be selfless instead of selfish, and everyone would have what they need, and no more than that. Buddhism would teach society to help others before themselves, which would create a orderly, and fulfilled society.
  • The third person was a legal scholar
  • We should claim Legalism as our official doctrine, because society would follow the rules, and their wouldn't be any conflicts. With a strong ruler who passes strict laws, and encourages harsh punishments, society will be afraid to break the rules, and the ruler will have absolute power. People shall receive punishments for their misbehavior, which will teach them to never do what they did again. Legalism will create a society of obedient, and rule following people.
  • In the end, the Qin emperor decided to make Legalism the official doctrine of the land.
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